Tuesday, May 1, 2012

this will be me waving at the bus.  

ok i got my train reservation made to go to nearby city for a doctor appointment. now all have to do is figure out how to maneuver around once i get there. crazily as big a population as 12,869,257 people as Kankakee has you'd think they would have a taxi service but they don't. how odd! [the one and only taxi listing that Amtrac shows for said city is actually defunct and tele # is disconnected]. Also there is NO official bus stop associated with the train system anywhere near the depot!?  Also odd.  I called the transit authority in said city and was told that currenty what a person still has to do is:  walk a block east, cross the street, stand on the corner and when you see da bus acoming you sorta jump up and down and wave your arms for the bus driver to stop!?  oiy. somebody pinch me, i thought we were in the new millenium.

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