Monday, April 30, 2012

This is my feet SCREAMING IN PAIN.

I stood at the counter and baked a wonderful cake from scratch and the frosting from scratch also.  It was like only about an hour and I kept sitting down on the bar stool about every five minutes at that.  My back is yelling at me too but I couldn't find a picture of that.    I'm tellin ya this shit getting old real fast!

wish i had counter top that had a curve in and was open underneath. until than dang might just have to start sitting on the couch and cook from the coffee-table!  is that even possible?

well looky what i found. yup that's my back screaming too.  anytime i try to do anything. cook, clean, walk. life pretty much sucks again right now. it's been a year since last spinal block and three years since radio-neuro frequency ablasty or what ever they call it.  doc said it's time to get er' done again. but oh wait, that's right I still owe $1700 that has to be paid off first. FUCK.  

maybe i should just get this for now instead... 
wonder if it really helps.

it costs $300

hmmm, do I ?     or     do I not ?

that is the question

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