Varoščić family of Croatia PHOTO ALBUM ~ Welcome to You!

Earlier this past fall of 2010 I found My Grandfather's family in Croatia !
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 My grandfather Anton A. Warsik of  Pennsylvania USA it turns out is actually from Dragovci, Croatia!  How COOL is that!  Can you see the little red star in the white map below?  That is where his village is located. and the original spelling of his name is Varoščić as shown on his Petition for Naturalization Document.  

I have even hooked up with some my new cousins through facebook ;)  I am so excited and happy about all this. I feel like I have completed a major milestone in my life.

Coordinates of Dragovci, Croatia

Longitude: 17° 42' 17" East
Latitude: 45° 13' 8" North

Here are some links for your viewing pleasure ;)  Remember Google translator can give it to you in your language!

Accu Weather forecast Dragovci, Croatia

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Following is quite a large collection of photos on this page so please forgive me and be patient while all is loading. I do not possess skilled computer html programming and so I'm not able to put together an awesome website to share and display all my genealogy like I have seen others do. Maybe sometime in the future it can happen, but for now this is the best I can hope for ; )   Thank You for your patience.

These photos I have received courtesy of cousins Otilia Varoščić & Dubravka Vračić  & Larry Warsik, Katie Debusk-Atkinson and several of the modern photos of the younger cousins were gleemed from their facebook.  Towards the end the last several photos represent those of us here in America that descended from Anton Warsik and his Croatian roots.

These first two photo's [above & below] I tried to place sid by side but couldn't get the computer to do it.  1st photo is of our American grandfather Anton Warsik. The  one below it is of Otilia's dad Antun Varoščić ( he is a nephew of our Anton Warsik through his brother Stjepan Varoščić).

Varoščić, Otilia and  Mirta Balošić

Drago Varoščić - brother of Otilia. He lost his life during 1991 fighting the homeland war
in Croatia.  God Bless You  R.I.P Drago   You are missed.
Otilia Varoščić on one of her horses!

Otilia's horses! Magnificent!

                         ~    ~    ~    ~    ~     ~

The next photos below are of the beautiful scenery around the countryside of Dragovci, Croatia. [I believe from the view of the Varoščić property.]
PLEASE feel free to click on any of he photos below to enlarge to a much bigger and spectacular view!

Showing Church and center of the Dragovci village.

Dragovci... part 1

Dragovci... part 2

nature around Dragovci...

nature around the village...

Our courtyard... the fresh hay bales are coming.

This photo above and below is the Varoščić courtyard waiting to be worked.

Otilia's father Anton.

R.I.P. Dina ~ Anton's dog

Otilia's father Anton and his dog Dina.
R.I.P. Dina

Varoščić men.

Varoscic, Antun & Ivan, sons of Stjepan, 1970_

Stjepan_Varoscic_and_Manda,_his_cousin,_daughter_of_Reza Varoscic. of Dragovci, Croatia (photo courtesy of Otilia Varoscic)
[Stjepan is brother to our American Grandfather Anton Warsik]


Wedding of Mato Varoščić, son of Stjepan Varoščić

Adam Vračić, son of Terezija Varoščić, daughter of Adam Varoščić, married Vračić, pls chech with Dubravka who else is in picture.

left Eva (Anton Varoscic schwester -sister); right Manda (Reza's daughter &  Anton's neice)

Vracic, Adam (Dubravka's dad & neph. of Anton); right sitting Stjepan Varoscic - bro. of Anton Varoscic

Vracic, Adam in the army 1918 - 1st. to left (this Dubravka's father & son of Teresija 'Reza' Varoščić who is a sister to our American Anton Warsik)

Stjepan Varoščić, first from the left, about 1950

Stjepan Varoščić, first from the right, about 1950

Stjepan Varoščić, year unknown

Varoscic, Eva with her husband (Anton's sister)

Varoscic, Reza (this Anton's sister)

Varoscic, Stjepan on rigth side(Anton's brother); his son Mato; Stipa the wife of Stjepan Varoscic

Vracic, Adam born 1918; (Anton's nephew)(this Dubravka's father)

Vracic, Anka (this Reza's daughter; Kata's sister  and Anton Varoscic's neice)

Eva Varoščić, daughter of Adam Varoščić, from his 2nd wife, year unknown

Dubravka Vracic's family. She is a gr-daughter of Teresija 'Reza' Varoščić who is a sister to our American Anton (Varoščić) Warsik.
L-R: Ljubica (Juric), Dubravka, Adam Vracic, Stjepan Niksic (husb. of Dubravka)
[daughter, her husband and her parents]

Vracic, Kata (Bertovic) [daughter of Janja Varoščić & granddaughter of Stjepan Varoščić]

Biography source:


Kata Vracic (Bertovic), 99, of Grand Ave. passed away Tuesday, in the Landmark Medical Center. She was the wife of the late Stjepan Vracic.

Born in Croatia, she was the daughter of the late Duro and Janja (Varoscic) Bertovic. She came to this country in 1991 and settled in Cumberland residing with her daughter Maria Vracic.

She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1996.

Besides her daughter Maria she leaves a son, Mirko Vracic, and two daughters, Janja Drocic and Dragica Grgic all of Croatia. Among her six grandchildren she leaves Vinko Drocic and family of Lincoln and ten great grandchildren.

Her funeral will be held Saturday, 9 a.m. from the J. J. Duffy Funeral Home, 757 Mendon Rd., Rt. 122, Cumberland, Rhode Island. Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in the St. Joan of Arc. Burial will be private.
Relatives and friends are kindly invited. Calling hours Friday from 6-8 p.m.Directions/Guesbook:

Reza's daughter Mira with husband Milivoj Vekovic (wedding photo)

inside family Varoščić courtyard in Dragovci, Croatia

Dragovci residents celebrating new road pavement project ? Much new constructions was needed in many areas after the war.

 Diana Varoščić on left and Kasandraa Gavran on right.
[both Mario's daughters]

cousins  Diana Varoscic on left and cousin Lidija Varoscic on right. {neice & aunt}
[Mario's daughter on left and his sister on right]

Ivana Varoščić, daughter of MarioVaroščić, great-granddaughter of Stjepan Varoščić

Lidija Varoščić, sister of Mario Varoščić, daughter of Ivan Varoščić, gr-daughter of Stjepan Varoščić

Mario Varoščić, son of Ivan Varoščić, gr-son of Stjepan Varoščić

Varoščić cousins: Kasandra, Jelena, Paloma, & Ivana in front

Varoščić - Drago, Lidija, Mario, and Sanja front), 1970

Varoščić  Happy children! Mario, Lidija and Drago (from the left)

Varoscic cousins in croatia - Kasandraa Gavran, Diana Varoscic , Jelena Gavran, Paloma Pali

Varoščić Happy life! Sanja Varoščić, Lidija Varoščić and Drago Varoščić giving a bath to Otilia

Varoščić kids

Varoščić L-R Antun & ,  Milka, Marija (wife of Stjepan), Željka & ; Ivan. kids - Drago, Lidija, Sanja and Mario, 1970.

Goran Varoščić and his sister Josipa Joco.  [Still need to clarify which line these grandchildren come down through]
Varoščić, Jelena - sister to Goran and Josipa Joco
Ivan Varoščić and Antun Varoščić, sons of Stjepan Varoščić, [in the middle, Ivan Varosics, son of Adam, from his 1st wife, middle of 80-ies]  {person on left in blue unknown to me}.

Vinkovačke jeseni 2010 celebration that occurs in a village not far from Dragovci.

again Vinkovačke jeseni 2010 celebration that occurs in a village not far from Dragovci.

Mirna Varoščić [far right side] & her brother Tomislav Varoščić [middle] and three of their friends during a celebration.
Mirna & brother Tomislav Varoščić 
Mirna Varoščić and friends @ celebration

Mirna Varoščić 

Tomislav Gusic, a distant cousin of Otilia's and ours

~     ~     ~     ~     ~    ~     ~

The following photos below start the American side of the family.

(page 1.) Passenger List for SS Frankfort that grandfather Anton A. Warsik (Varoscic) traveled on his journey to America. (page 1.)
He is listed on line no. 9

(page 2.) Passenger List for SS Frankfort that grandfather Anton A. Warsik (Varoscic) traveled on his journey to America. (page 2.)
 is listed on line no. 9

Grandfather Anton A. Warsik's Petition for Naturalization to become a US citizen.

1920 census record showing grandfather Anton A. Warsik listed (line #81) with his military company @ Camp Lewis 

WW II draft registration card for grandfather Anton Andrew Warsik

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
[hometown of Anton A. Warsik and his family]

Anton A. Warsik & grdaughter Gail. ca 1957

Andrew Clyde Warsik [early in his military service]

Andrew Clyde, Thora Olga, Robert Eugene Warsik
[mother and sons]

Andrew Clyde Warsik & brother Robert Eugene Warsik. @ their home in Harmarsville, PA.

Andrew Clyde Warsik

Gail Warsik & boyfriend Don Watt; sister Debbie Warsik; father Andrew Clyde Warsik [Eddie Hickman sitting on front left wearing headband; boys on right unknown]

L-R: Amanda Spenard, Andrea, April Spenard ca 1996.
[mother & daughters]
This quaint little spot exists down at the creek behind the water dept. in our town.

Robert Eugene Warsik early in his Navy career

Tina Michelle Hillbrant (grand-daughter of Robert Eugene Warsik through his daughter Martha Louise Warsik)

Katie (Debusk) (grand-daughter of Robert Eugene Warsik through his daughter Roberta Joanne Warsik)

Katie (Debusk) & her husband Chad Atkinson of Texas.

The two sweetest things on earth that keep me going!

water tower in our town Fisher, IL featuring our Mad Rabid Bunnie Mascot gonna kick some butt!

   This is my hometown Fisher, IL !  Home of the Bunnies!

Nelson homestead via google maps

Early Springtime :)

NELSON homestead

Amyrah my lil garden keeper! 

Trey.  He's a right good helper!  ~ (Nelson homestead)

Amyrah & Trey having a good time ~ (Nelson homestead)

another sitting area out the back door ~ (Nelson homestead)

another of my favorite flowers 'Clarke's Heavenly Blue Morning Glories'  ~ (Nelson Homestead)

one of my favorite Clematis. (Nelson homestead)

another sitting area in the front ~ (Nelson homestead)

my lil Koi & Goldfish pond ~ (Nelson homestead)

another view ~ (Nelson homestead)

one of our sitting spots ~ (Nelson homestead) 

another view (Nelson homestead)

Garfield my cat.
R.I.P.  Binx.  He was one of the best dogs I ever had!

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