Sunday, September 11, 2011

hello fellow knitters...  I am having a challenge with my current knitting project and was wondering if anyone might be able to give me some advice.

I am new to stranded knitting. Right now I’m working on a pair of 2-color Hufflepuff socks (Ravelry pattern). I’m having a lot of fun with these socks. I’ve just gotten the the cuff done and twelve rows of the pattern. Either my tension is way too tight (but there’s no puckering?) or my measurement calculations is off.. darn. I can see right now that they are not going to fit over my foot so I tonight I’ll be froggin it. I am wondering maybe I should NOT subtract the 10% off my measurements like I normally do when making socks to help compensate for my tight tension?

I’m using JaWoll yarn and size 2 circs. My cast-on was 64 sts. for a 9.5” ball of foot measurement. hmmm, maybe I’m having a braindead moment… her instep is 12” and Ankle cirucmference is 10.5” … OK, I have now officially confused myself… which measurement should I be casting on for since my gauge is so varied between the below methods? I couldn’t even barely get the sock on over my hand.

My gauge is all over the place.
8 sts = 1” stockingnet st swatch (on circs)

When I meaured what I had done so far it came out as….
10 sts = 1” for the 2 color stranded knitting
12.5 sts = 1” in 1x1 ribbing

How do others handle their differences in gauge & measurements??

If I cast-on for the 12" instep than that would make my CO 96 sts right??  12" times 8sts/per inch -96...
I feel like my brain just got lost in the Bermuda Traingle!!!

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