Thursday, August 25, 2011

If we ever go on a trip again I know where I want to.... Greenfield Village

Oddly I've never ever been here before and this area was home of my birth.
Of course it doesn't help that we moved away when I was a mere child just ready to start school.  We lived in a rough neighborhood in Detroit in the mid-60's..  I have nothing but bad memories of Detroit ..  but that's a blog for another time.

Now, since I stumbled onto Front Porch Indiana's blog this destination has made it on my bucket list!  It sure offers new redeeming qualities for a road trip!  Her post gives a wonderful quick little tour of the Village Quilts!  And that's always one of my favorite parts too ;) 

I especially want to see in person the room where these penny rugs carpet the entire floor... these seem just so 'whimsical' yet cozy old fashion at the same time.

Can't tell for sure from this picture, but those penny rugs look to me like they might have been made on a square loom like I used to have.  The 6x6 squares that it makes come out at a right good thickness of an inch or better that would give the perfect cushion-ey-ness for your feet.  
This example gives you a good idea of how thick
 the squares will come out.
Great way to bust a stash of acrylic yarn!
I think this one would be more
 comfortable to use.

 Wish I still had that loom now. At the time I remember I kept thinking... there's no way this is for afghans because the squares come out so thick... ahhhh never did it occur to me that this was great for making penny rugs! dern it.

Of course the white yarn in the above photo is not very appealing in itself... but here is a modern colorful idea.

Remember those pot holders you may have made as
a child?  I made those too. But this color block gives me an
inspiration idea for penny rugs. 

You would't necessarily have to use solid colors. A variegated yarn along with the solids in one square would give you a knock off to those penny rugs at Greenfield.

BUT I digress..... 

hmmm, Halloween might be a good time to go visit Greenfield. The activities listed on Greenfield calendar promises a ghoulish good time at a decent price !

But if you can't make a road trip anytime in the near future as I doubt we can either the way price of gas is crazy... than go to Historical Ken's blog
Front Porch Indian is right when she says Greenfield is.... "one of those places everyone should see at least once in their lifetime" 

one way or another!

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