Monday, December 12, 2011

TENSION.  yes tension is the reason for such a long delayed update on the Harry Potter Socks....  I could not get the right tension. The muscles in my hands definitely fought me the whole way. So I frogged it. Tried a second time. Really focused and paid attention training my hands and brain to let go a little. ack!  Frog to the rescue again.  ok. I know I'm slow. I should have thought and realized from the get-go that I needed to have used a bigger needle size to compensate for my death grip. On to round three!

ALMOST DONE!  yippee.  I admittedly and frustratingly admit near-defeat. My ego has been diligently deflated back down to newbie status. It seems my self-taught success in learning knitting so easily and how quickly I took to knitting socks and many other projects has sabotaged me in the end.

This two-color technique has been an enormous challenge for me.  My original intent was to finish these back in November by the 1st. hahahha. What a joke that turned out for me.

But I love challenges! yerper-doodles. Three times I have redone and re-knit this pattern.  Finally the toes are in sight.  Actually I just got these done Dec 29th.   I'm almost sorry that these are to be a present for a special someone mainly just for the fact it has taken me three tries to get it right and it almost looks like it. But I certain that a fresh and gentle soak will perk the fiber right up. I would opt for a fourth do-over with fresh new yarn but I don't have an extra $$.  It amazes me that organic and natural real yarn is so dang expensive to me whereas the rest of the world think it right inline with nature of the beast.

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