Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enjoy some fiber Fun!

lk2g-086 Rhinebeck Adventure 2010

What wool we do on such a cold night. The temps have plummeted with our first real proper cold snap of the season ~ 3 degrees right now to be exact here where I live.... it's perfect weather for pulling on the winter knits and feeling a little smug as you hunker down against the freezing temperatures!  I decided to sit with a cuppa hot chocolate and watch Cat & Eric as they meander thru Rhinebeck while Cat tries to decide on what to do....  This was my first time stumbling upon her website and it looks choc full of things to watch and learn and whet your appetite on.   Hope you enjoy the video. I did ;)  Don't forget to pop over to her site for a visit!

On a sadder note, I just hate hearing that Elizabeth Edwards passed away today.

I wish cancer would get cancer and just die.  Unfortunately too late for Mrs. Edwards and many others, but a news alert announced just last night that aspirin might could really fight off cancer deaths? 

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