Sunday, December 12, 2010

UPDATED future to-do-wishlist

W o W … Ok, here are definitely TWO more projects that I absolutely want on my to-do-list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This should keep me busy from now til ever ;) 

Call me insane, call me OCD, call me whatever, I don’t care… these are just too cool for words. I AM gobsmacked!

since I LOVE the Harry Potter series I so totally will be knitting these Blanket Squares that Candice made …..

and this Super Mario Blanket via Tunisian Crochet that this girl Gege did is REALLY cool……

I don’t know either of you ladies but I am so thrilled to have found your websites! Your work is so awe-inspiring and motivational that I offer you enormous creative KUDOS !

To Candice and Gege... girlfriends… you both ARE so the coolest techie knitting/crochet gurus coming up with those charts and designs! Such incredible creative artists!   Your works are da bomb!  I just know that both of you would win top contest prizes if you enter into one!!!

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  1. I really like the Mario Brothers project! I'd like to see a photo of your finished product.