Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Knitting Wish List that will definitely be future projects !! {Updated}

I have now settled upon three four goals for new coming year of 2011.  

hahahha, the new year isn't even here yet and I've already got my list way ahead of myself... not to mention my skill ability .  Well that's what motivation is for isn't it?  To keep us going. To challenge ourselves. 

1. Though I've never done double-knitting before and I probably should begin on something like a winter hat .... but I just ADORE this scarf....and so covet the pattern. I want this to be my first double-knitting project.
Bubbles Scarf Pattern by Lucy Neatby (#492) A simple, yet visually gorgeous double-layer reversible scarf; the puffy bubbles are brilliant. A straightforward design, precisely written, to help seduce you into the delights of double-layer knitting.  Pictured in kauni Effektgarn EQ and EN.
Size: 6 inches (15 cm) wide, length adjustable.
Yarn: 75g each Kauni Effectgarn.
Techniques: Two-colour double-layer knitting, with the option to use a Tubular Cast-On and Tubular Bind-Off, and knit-quilting.
Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced  Pattern price: $6.00
2013 update: I have finally saved enough and got my NORO SILK GARDEN YARN for this shawl and in the exact same colorway !!!  now to just get brave enough to knit it the way Ruth did, in the round & steeked. I can knit in the round, it's actually my preference; but I have never steeked anything before. So nervous just thinking about doing that. 

2.  OH MY GOSH! you must click on this picture and so enjoy the beauty of this shawl made by Ruth !!!   

I've also never made a shawl before.... (hush, don't tell anyone!) so yup you guessed it, this too will be on my needles in 2011!  On Ruth's blog she tells that she used Nine skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn. 4 skeins  S-084 and 5 skeins S 252.  Absolutely stunning I think!  This magnificent shawl is ' Daisy ' Shawl pattern also on my coveted list! It is designed by Ruth Sørensen done in circular knitting and steeked. 
The price of the pattern is 40,- DK kr (Danish Krone) which is roughly abt. $10.66 American. I've never order out of the country before so I hope paypal does the currency conversion for me.  She instructs people to Order the pattern by sending a mail on:  Please write "Daisy" in the subject line.

2013 update: yup got this book now :)

3. Herbert Niebling Lace Designs are the breathtakingly most heavenly magical lace designs that will make one gasp and are too DIE for! His name is legendary among lace-knitters. This book has over 2 dozen patterns that have been translated from German into English in the past year for the first time ever. I think only one or two websites carry this book. is the main carrier of this book I believe at a cost of $28. 

Here are three  examples of famous Herbert Niebling designs... I found these images on "lacefreak" blog ... beautiful work lacefreak!


Frosted Ferns - This one is my favorite!
Goldregen by lacereak


4.  The Juneberry Triangle - It is an exquisite shawl design that I found on brooklyntweed's blog post dated 4.23.2010.  OMGosh!! I am in love with this shawl!!  Just look at these photos. His pattern I found is available on Ravelry for $6.50 {no affliation yadda yadda, just showing ya where I'm going to buy it from in case you want to also}.  As I read thru Jared's blog I see he has a new home address.  I must remember to bookmark it. I certainly give Kudo's to Jared Flood's design skills as I am just gobsmacked!

Juneberry Triangle
Juneberry Triangle

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  1. The shawl is very nice. Very colorful. My mom too does knitting, but she does it with a machine. Most of her designs are simple, with stripe lines. Not as flowery as yours. But she knits only kids sweater.