Friday, November 26, 2010

165 yd skein gives me how long of a sock ????

 Hi ya’ll !    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day! ~ twas not a good day to be my pants lol!

ok, here goes… I'm having a math meltdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! due to a fair amount of cognitive brain fog going on at the moment LOL… that said, I’m trying to do up a quick pair of socks and…
 I’m knitting socks 2 @ a time on my two circs… anywho, I’ve got one -165yd skein for EACH sock. needless to say I can tell right away that I’m not gong to be able to make knee-highs with out running short.
My CO was 64 sts. My gauge is 7 spi. I measure a rows’ length of yarn. It = 1 row of instep & sole @ 40 inches in yarn length = 3.3 feet.
So I’m assuming that 165yds /3.3feet per row = 50 inches in sock length ??
Next…. My foot length is 9” @ 10 rows per inch = 90 rows
Ankle/Heel area = 4 inches in length = 40 rows
Cuff … that leaves only 35 rows of yarn for the cuff without running out ??? w o w. That’s only a three and half inch cuff. ack!
For some reason my brain is taking the 50” length and minus 9; minus 4; leaving 37 row allowance for the cuff.
Am I figuring this right ??? or is my brain too tired.

OH WAIT, how cool is this link !!!!

It is an online calculator that provides a rought est. of  yarn yardage for stockinette/broken rib socks when you plug in your numbers !!!!  This is totally awesome!

so if i reduce my CO down to 56 stitches which will give 20% ease for 10 " circumferance I will be able to knit a cuff length of about 8".  This will be a grand total of abt. 174 rows and give me a length of 17.5 " from the cuff down to the toe.  The calculator est. a total 322 yds of yarn is needed which should work as both my skeins together equal 330 yds.  Talk about cutting it close ;)

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