Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kindergarten Nap Map

I made a Kindergarten Nap Mat for my baby grangirl ! Soft and cuddly. Just took a blanket, folded it in 3rds. lengthwise and sewed along the edges so it don't smoosh around when it gets washed. Folded the end over itself to make a pillow and sewed those edges. Used pink fleece to make a sleeping bag cover to slide over the blanket mat and attached a girly blue & pink flannel print at one side for her to use as a cover up sheet. Had some extra flannel left over and made straps so she can roll it up and tie it! I think it turned out quite well ;)

How I did the fleece & flannel was first to lay the fleece right sides together with the flannel laying in between and sewed around all the edges except leaving one end open so the blanket mat could be inserted. Down at the foot end of the whole I laid the straps in-between the fleece (just like flannel) so the ends would be sewn in.   Now as I only wanted one side of the flannel to be attached what I did was to fold the other side over into the middle and pinned it temporarily so it wouldn't be caught up in the sewing as that side and the foot end of the flannel was to be free.   Now all that was left to do was I pinned all around the edges and to start sewing down one length, around the oots end and up the other length of the fleece & flannel. I back-sewed several times over the straps as I came to them for re-enforcement sakes.   Than all that had to be done was to turn it all right side out and slip the blanket mat inside.  The pillow end is still left open for now as I need to get a zipper and put that in.  The mat itself measures like 25 inches wide.   I was a bit shocked at the cost of zippers around here. They're like nearly ten dollars. So what I'm going to do is look for a youth size jacket that is worn out and removed the zipper from that to use. 

Now really making this was very simple and I had a lot of fun doing. But I will admit it took me like five hours today to get it finish ! crazy huh? well, to be honest these past three days have been really bad days for me pain wise & functioning. Originally I was going to can the tomatoes on Sat. and than make the nap mat on Sunday, but things didn't work out that way.  

And with weather changing so quickly from 80 degrees at nite to 58 degrees at nite which I absolutely LOVE,  now the air-con is off (yeah for the power bill!). 

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  1. Hi! I'll need your email address to add you to my new blog. Thanks!

    I didn't know you canned - I am adding you to my own list as I need lots of ideas and inspiration. This is my first year doing it.