Sunday, August 22, 2010

hmmmmm, yoga footies vs pedicure socks ?? which would be better for pain control ?

should I make these...
or these ??
I'm in a knitting quandary today.

Trying to decide which type would give me the most benefit as my feet are killing me! Well, my legs are also, but it seems I can tolerate them better than the feet pain right now. Actually its not just my whole feet that hurt. I don't know what the exact anatomy term for this part of foot is called.  You know where your ankles are on each side right? well it is the top part of my feet in-between both ankles. That particular part is insanely keeping me from enjoying anything right now. It's like a rubber-band is choking both feet in that spot. It's a very deep ache pain. It doesn't run up or down or run anywhere for that matter. If you flex your foot up and where you can see how those two tendons protrude... it is right there in the middle between those two tendons!  It's so crazy bad that I dreamed that I took a machete and cut my feet off. How disturbing is that? I know right. ok, enough of the drama, back to my knitting quandary.

Guess I'm a gonna have to knit both and just see which pair works the best.  What I've been using so far are those ace bandages that you wrap around a sprain.   Most likely its just the pressure of the wrap that helps, but it seems that the body heat generated is somewhat soothing.  Have you ever tried to go about your daily business with heating pads tied to your feet?  Doesn't work.  The electrical plug-in cord is too short. LOL. Yes, I was desperate enough to try that.

  I like the idea and looks of the yoga socks, but I do notice that when I wrap the ace bandage that I do use my heel to wrap it around as an anchor point.  I know, I know ~ why don't I just keep using the ace bandage right?  well.... 1.) It wraps too thickly  2.) it's UGLY 3.)  after a while my feet get TOO hot and I end up ripping the whole thing off  4.) did I mention it's UGLY.

 what would be cool is if I could manage to knit a small pocket on top of the sock so I could insert small rice bag pouch heated up in microwave.... than later remove rice bag when I no longer need its service !!      but... since I'm not an advanced knitter and definitely have never design any patterns yet .... if any of you knitsters out there in blogland would happend to be to able to help me figure out the best way to go about this  my feet & I would be eternally grateful!!
I've thought about sewing some sort of cuff, but I think it would slide around too much and a knitted item would hug better and hold the heat longer maybe.
One problem that I can foresee [from experience] is when a rice bag is too small you have to be very careful when heating it as microwave rice WILL burn. Yup, did that once too. It stank worse than burnt popcorn and creates such a smokescreen that neighbors might call firemen.  hmmm, maybe I should just knit  a snakelike tube and make a rice bag out of that and than I could velcro it to around my feet.  That does sound like a good idea. But those yoga socks are really cute! 

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