Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daisy (Tusindfryd) shawl pattern question ?? I am stuck HELP please

 i am working on a daisy shawl pattern ruth sorenson. i have tried to contact her at her blog and i have posted my question to her pattern page
[ignore my pencil markings on this pattern sheet they are only my row numbers and total sts for that row..]
my question pertains to the ‘red arrow’ area of the above photo and its instructions: “When you follow the chart, you have to go 24 rows back to make the increases at the edges and add a new row of flowers. For every new row of flowers there will be one flower more in the row. Knit on until you have 24 rows of flowers or until the shawl has the size you want”
[NOTE* i'm knitting this flat on circulars unlike the author who did it in round and steeked the shawl. also instead of purling i'm knitting backwards on those rows.]
soooo, right now I have knitted and completed row 59 with a total of 91 sts in that row. I do not understand what to do next ?

Noro Silk Garden #252 for background and #84 for flowers

this is what it looks like so far with row 59 completed.  gives me four flowers done (but the top row is rather curled over the needles at the moment) .. it appears to me that am I to go back to row 30 and start knitting from there ?? this does not make sense to me. Please help me someone I am not knowing what to do. My next row should have five flowers right? Do I add row 30 to row 59 ?? that does not seem right. Ooh I am so muddled about this. what a quandry.

i've also posted this question over on Ravelry's knitting help board and at the actual pattern site on Ravelry in case someone else reading can help me. And I've sent email to the author of the pattern. But i doubt i'll be able to receive help directly from her as she is really has her plate full right now. Her blog last dated June 2013 tells about her, "daughter, Sine, has again been hit by serious illness. For approx. 2 weeks ago she got a bleeding in the brain and has since been hospitalized, respectively. Rigshospitalet and Herlev hospital".
Healing & helpful prayers sent for you Ruth and your daughter Sine.

spicegeek over @Ravelry shared with me her thoughts: "It looks to me like Rows 56 - 59 are only worked on the very last repeat - Once you work row 55 - go back to row 32 and work up to 55 again - keep repeating rows 32 - 55 as many tims as makes you happy then work rows 56 - 59 once to finish".... and I'm not quite sure I get it yet... since row 32 is narrower than row 55 how does that work ? think my ignorance is showing now lol... hmmm, gonna have to sleep on it maybe the lightbulb will go off when I awaken in the morn ;)

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