Friday, July 19, 2013

LQQK at how tall my tomato plants are ! and Happy Birthday to ME & MY SWEETS!

Last year we lost all our entire gardens to drought. Everything just burnt up. This year looks like gonna be a good crop! Thank You Lord!
2013 July 9th my lil gran-youngins' first time entering into the fair junior exhibits. She did roses, he did cucumbers.
I was so happy watching my lil grans enter their exhibits and win ribbons as this was their first year doing. It also was a bittersweet moment for me cause I miss Lindsey Forbes and Leah Nelson-Forbes would always come to uncle ronnie's and get Linsey's flowers for her exhibit entries ! I have not written here, until now, about how we lost two of the most wonderful family members to a terrible terrible tragic car wreck during a snow storm just 3 months because it has been too painful. We MISS you both so much!! [[[hugz]]]

Last but not least... Mandy & Me birthday buddies! Thirty years ago on my birthday I gave life to this beautiful young lady when I was twenty yr. old. You are my Sweets! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH DOLL!

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