Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Bye Auntie Mona, One Day I Will Meet You on the Flip Side

She always sang this song "How Great Thou Art" ~ (as sung by Andy Griffith)

My aunt Mona (Velta) passed away quietly in the early morning hours of January 14th surrounded by her loved ones. Velta lived life with a deep abiding faith, genuine love for people, and always offering hope to those around her. She will be missed by those she touched as she continues her life as a saint in God's presence. We love you wife, mom, grandma, sister, aunt, and friend.

Good Bye Auntie Mona
I close my eyes as I wipe a tear.
I just keep wishing you were still here.
I will hold all the memories deep in my heart.
Through these memories will never part.

I close my eyes as I wipe a tear.
I just keep wishing this pain would disappear.
I so wish we didn’t have to say our last good-bye.
I just didn’t think you could ever die.

I close my eyes as I wipe a tear.
All of your love I will always hold near.
In my heart and my mind I will never be alone.
When my time comes......
I will meet you in heaven!
[Good Bye poem originally © Joan C. Johnson ]

Below are the words on the birthday card that I sent to her back in November, two months before she died. I am so glad that I was able to share with her just how important she has always been in my life.

HaPpY bIrThDaY aunt Monie!!!
I dedicate this ‘Aunt Poem’ to a very special Aunt of mine.
For My Aunt

My aunt is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million.

She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with so many of us.

Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she's worth way more than gold.

In my eyes, she will always be, 
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.

To me she's the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.

There is no one that compares to her,
no one that even comes close.

I appreciate all the advise she has given me,
I take it in with immense gratitude.

The memories I will forever cherish,
for they are priceless.

For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,
and my love for her only grows more with each day that passes.

On a high pedestal is where I hold her,
for I admire her so much more than she knows.

Having her apart of my life is the greatest gift of all,
being in her presence is god's blessing to me.

Looking deep inside of her,
I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become.

Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,
is what defines her.

She is not only my favorite Aunt but she is my role model,
and to be like her, would be my only wish.

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