Thursday, February 28, 2013

If only Dr. Seuss would learn to curse 
when the multiple sclerosis symptoms are worser and worse. 
I want to bitch and scream and cry 
Goddam it to hell oh why oh why 
the spasms, the aching, the paralysis oh my. 
The brain fogginess and slogginess and bitchiness too.
I just want to move and groove and be who’ve 
I’ve meant to be and not this thingamajiggy 
that  crumbles and rumbles along with rust in my pipes 
Who grumbles and mumbles with complaints and gripes 
about this body that used to be fine 
and now I don’t recognize that it even is mine. 
so I’ll pick myself up by the scruff of the neck 
without giving a damn or giving a heck. 
What the flickety, flackity, fluckity, fluck. 
maybe I just shouldn’t give a big ol’ flying fuck 
but I keep cursing along with with this dastardly disease, 
the bastard, the brute, this putrid if you please. 
And if the cursing helps me get through each day 
then I’ll just keep doing that and I’ll leave you to pray. 

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