Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a quick update.  I did end up restarting my frosted fern Niebling. Mainly because I didn't like the center start. It kept bugging me.  So I learned how to do Emily Ocker's cast-on for two circular needles. It took six times practicing before I  had an good looking center start.

   Still using my size 2 addi circulars as that is the smallest needles that I have but this time I went with size 30 cotton. This is giving me a fair looseness to the knitting which is what I want for my first Niebling until I am much more confident mainly because I am such a newbie at this.   Also I am using 2 markers per needle which is giving 3 sections on each needle. Without those markers I am hopelessly lost and confused. Not that this project is that hard, but it does require alot of concentration for me. Oddly I am finding this concentration need to be as relaxing as any of my other knitting.

 I had already started my frosted ferns earlier in month before I realized someone on the yahoo Niebling group has generously supplied a realigned and charted pattern.   I'm just now to the infamous 30st shift row.  So I'm hoping my thinking is correct that when knitting this on two circs that I will need to do 45 st shift from needle 1 to needle 2 and vice versa and than... re-position my markers back to my 69 sts per marker section which = 207 sts per needle. (equals total of 414 sts for row 75)

  Am so really hoping someone can confirm or correct my thinking on this shift row for using two circular needles!   It's truly been an inspiring pleasure to look through everyone's work over at the yahoo groups!

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