Saturday, June 25, 2011

 I am so glad that I posted my question over on yahoo Niebling groups!
My thinking 45 st. vs 30 st shift change would have been WRONG.  

Much Thanks to Heather for setting me straight on this issue!  She writes:

...Regardless of how you arrange your needles, to make the pattern line up, you
only shift 30 stitches. The pattern doesnt care if you're on 2 circulars, or
1 circular, or 90 dpns (although other people watching you knit will think
you're massaging a porcupine at that point ;)

The choice of needles doesnt affect the pattern in any way, they're just
holding onto the stitches until you get to them. You may want to rearrange
how your two circulars are sitting once you've done the shift over, but the
jump of 30 stitches to change where the round starts? That doesnt change

See how much I have learned with just one question! This opens up so many new projects for me as I now understand much better ;)

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