Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sing it! Don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna be alright!

 As I do me chores ... got this song stuck in my head....humming along to ....

Pretty much this is how most days begin. Stood at sink washed some pans that were piling up. Nothing like getting the counter top clutter free to make your kitchen seem more inviting!  I filled the water pitcher for the hens. Gathered trash for the bins. Had to sit up on the barstool to get me shoes on cause standing at the sink so long leans me forward just enough to create that stupid pain. Gone are the days of just balancing myself as I throw my foot up across other leg to get me shoes on. But glad I got em' pots/pans done! Also glad dear daughter Amanda got me these ice-grip rubbers for me shoes. 

Cats are smart. They don't like dirty litter boxes.

So I scooped out kitty box into trash bag. This is a daily must if not twice! Pee-ewe! One things for sure, I have got to find another place to locate & position this box.  Right now it's knee high sitting on top a bucket. That has given me relief for quite awhile allowing me to get this chore done. But it's time to re-think this.

3rd mistake: Outside bending over to set water pitcher down so I could trek out to trash-bins and check the mail. Almost didn't get to finish em chores.  Now two more things to add to me wish list. A good sturdy solid charming handrail to grab ahold of and a shelf or table near the back door. Ok, well right next to the door opening so I can set things down on before I ever even step off the proch!  It's only a 2 gal. pitcher but carrying it in front of me is a pain trigger. Isn't it weird? I can carry a whole 5-gallon bucket of water down at my side but I can't even carry a lil ole water pitcher in front of me, or anything else for that matter, without cringing in pain. So why was it in front of me? Cause my other hand was full of trash bags. It's tooo cold out to make extra trips. Ok. Stand up straight, stretch some. Start walking. Good so far, out past the gate and onto the trash bin.

4th mistake: Lifting the lid was ok. It's lightweight. But swinging trashbags up to get them into the bing. CRAP! ok. Only ten more steps to mailbox. Of course it's full of snow & the mail is all WET. Uggh. Why? Because a stupid white pickup-truck driver who hit our mailbox never came back to fix it or apologize. Walking back to the house proves much more difficult than it did getting out here. Not because of ice - those ice-grips work great! Thanks again dear daughter Amanda! But I guess it is just time for the pain to scream at me.   ok. Stopped at back door & got water pitcher. hmmm. cool.  It didn't hurt that time.  My how lovely the yard looks with all the snow glistening. Someone sure shook the snowglobe this morning. How pretty. Wish Patches & me could go enjoy a nice walk. Well, anyways, onto the greehouse coop. Oh my, what a mess that is. But that's a story for another time. Funny, he says he built it for me cause I wanted some pet hens for egg-laying... well, if he did it for me why didn't he just build it the way I wanted it since I'm the one taking care of them.  Men. Go figure.  Anywho, only thirty feet to go. Grit my teeth & onward. I like to mentally picture Patches & me out walking; or Trey & Amyrah and me out hiking and playing along the riverside. It sure does help ignore the pain. I sure miss my good ole dog Binky.   R.I.P. Binx.
Ok, at the coop. Here's some fresh water for ya girls! As I bend over to refill their bowl... Salt and Pepper jump up on my back. The other three are around at my feet. Hahhahh They're cooing their Thank-You's to me!    Yesterday, dear daughter April picked me up a bag of layered crumbles for them to eat. $9.49 @ 40 lbs. Them girls sure were hungry. I don't think they like the other kind of chicken feed we been using. Oh look, goodie! Two eggs to gather! Springs a-coming!  Bye Bye girls until tomorrow. Now its back to house & time for a painpill. I want to stand at the kitchen and make some nice fresh homemade chocolate pudding!. Actually, I dream of making all kinds of food for tomorrow is the Superbowl! ... Packers vs. Steelers.   Not that I'm a huge sports a·fi·ci·o·na·do  or anything like that... but my father was from Pittsburgh!  GO PITTSBURGH STEELERS!

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