Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jack Russell Terriers and doggy sweaters... {Updated April 14th, 2011}

What happens when you let a dog like a JRT wear a doggy sweater ???? --------------------->

I guess I should have known because he IS a 'prey' dog. He will hunt any varmint that dare crosses his path, down to the very hole the varmint chooses to hide in.... or in this case a very tiny nook and cranny in the back of the garage!

Bad thing about all this was that I JUST hand-knit this sweater earlier in the month! He's only gotten to wear it for like two weeks before this happened.  Now it's laying in the repair pile :(

 I'm just lucky he didn't strangle himself when he got his sweater snagged on a wire.  Smart dog that he is, instead he chewed the neck until he could slide out of it. Than he sat in the garage until dh came home from church to find him sitting patiently for someone to let him out of the garage.  [*Note to dear hubby: make sure you secure the garages' side door next time before you leave.] Good thing I had let Patch out only fifteen minutes before dh's arrival back home. It could have been worse.  
~   ~   ~   ~   ~
2 weeks later and it's all fixed! [I'm just slow in getting the photo posted]. Good as new basically I'm proud to report.  This is first time I've ever repaired a knitted item. I was surprised to see how far I had to rip it down .. it was many many several rows lol.  You can see the row actually where I started knitting backup. Zoinkers!  Don't know what I did there but it all worked out ok. Adds a bit of charm     I am so HAPPY that I was able to fix his sweater, especially as it's the first one I ever knitted.

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