Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One of my favorite bloggers Jenna Woginrich, sole owner, operator and blogger 'Cold Antler Farms' is featured along with 3 other women in a radio interview with Tom Ashbrook called The Resurgence of Knitting.   

'On Point' npr w/ Tom Ashbrook asks why it is that in this age of high tech and a ready-made world of ours, that we find old-fashioned knitting is making a comeback via social media. 

While your at his page Don't forget to scroll down and watch Jenna Woginrich's video as she introduces her flock to us!  After that do yourself a favor and visit her blog for a gander at some refreshing thoughts! I like how this gal thinks! About halfway down her Feb 10th, 2011 posting she shares her take on the intriguing concept of micro-loans. 

There also are 4 nifty audio clips of women teaching and helping some gradeschool children from outside the Boston MA area @ an afterschool knitting class!

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