Sunday, February 13, 2011

man o man o man! been awhile since my toes hurt this bad. I keep picturing in my head taking a machete and cutting em' off!  don't worry I'm not gonna do it. least wise I don't think so.  I did get out my wax melter thingamajig and got it plugged in heating up and melting that wax. Normally your suppose to put your hands in it.  Guess I'll have buy some new wax after tonite .   

This thing is awesome! I've used it many times before on my hands and fingers. It really did help soothe the pain there. I hope it helps my toes. But this toe pain is different than when my hands and fingers start in.  This toe pain is... like a dry ice cold pain or like after a severe frost bite and when they're warming back up.  All ten of them. But the pinkys are not as intense as the others. Rest of my feet don't hurt at all. Just the toes.   As for the analogies that I used .. the dry ice & frost bite... yup been there and done that on both accounts. I was very little when both happened and the memories are ingrained for ever.  I've been burnt by dry ice. Not fun.  As for the frost bite, I remember sitting in the tub with my feet under running warm water CRYING and CRYING they hurt so bad. Second grade that was. Learned my lesson real fast. One of the perils of being a latch key kid and not having enough sense to come inside when it's below freezing after being outside all day in a thin cheap pair of sneakers.  Fast forward forty some years and the docs call this type toe pain neuropathy. Well I'm sick of it.  Mamas.. don't EVER let your chillun's out in the snow wearing just canvas sneakers. If you can't provide them with proper snow boots make sure they know and understand what frostbite is. Don't let them learn the hard way. Seriously. I'll tell ya for sure there are times that I find myself wondering what it would be like to amputate them... just imagining cutting the pain away does give brief relief. Odd as that sounds.

When I go to get new wax I wonder if I can just buy those wax blocks that they sell in canning isle or if I'll need to buy the 'proper' wax blocks for this thing. The brand name is Homedics. I've long since lost the directions for it. Guess I'll have to google and see what if there is any difference in the melting points between the two.  I'm off to check my wax... ok I'm back. drats I forgot it takes several hours to melt.

I've been googling.  I still can't tell if food-grade paraffin and therapeutic paraffin are the same or different, besides the price. yikes. Have you seen the  price of those homedics wax blocks?  
$12.99 for 2lbs of fragrance-free hypoallergenic paraffin wax pearls & 20 plastic liners. 
$21 for 6 lbs Theraffin EZ Cube refills. 
$10 for 1lb block Beeswax. 
$4.99 for 16 oz brick 130 degrees F MP (melt point) Food Grade Refined. 
$1.79 for 1lb. Soy Wax + $11.20 S/H

Too bad I don't raise bees like my great-granny did.
hmm, maybe I'll try contacting a local bee keeper.

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