Thursday, February 10, 2011

25 things about me.

1. I do the Mountain Dew. Twizzlers are my fav snack. And I'm a macaroni & cheese freak.

2. I love quilts & quilt shows and want to make more quilts!

3. My greatest accomplishments are my two daughters! I have always had to learn things on my own and I have tried to do things right. I think they turned out wonderfully well!

4. I miss walking easily and pain-free and I miss traveling! I miss full on gardening and digging in my flower beds and taking care of our yard. I miss bicycling. I miss running. I miss being able to climb. I miss the old me. It's been nine years since the disease. I gave it my all up until year and half ago. I'm pretty sure that having a complete Hysterectomy at the age of 26 didn't help either. And that row of seventy STAPLES [not clips] that the dr. left in my belly should not have been. Now it's time for a rethink. 

5. I have always wished for a decent singing voice. My two daughters and granddaughter are such a pleasure to listen too!

6. I have learned that it's not always what you say to a person... but it's how you make them feel that is the most important... and it is that, that's how you will be remembered.  That is a hard one for me to master. Not that I don't want to, but I tend to have a very cautious and suspicious outlook thanks to life's lessons which tends to mask my genuine sentiments.  I pretty much come off as being bossy and others end up feeling stupid. So I've been told.  And that sucks.  Somehow everything gets mucked up. Almost like it takes a wrong turn after it leaves my heart and brain and exits my mouth like it was a different person. This is definitely on my to do list!

7. I used to seriously love digging dirt and pulling weeds in my garden & flower beds.

8. I'm into backyard birding and love watching them get a drink out of my lil' fish pond.

9. I wish I had a van with a wheel chair ramp and a gas card! Or at least a wheel chair trailor
to hook to back of my car.

10. Patience is a precious virtue that is a hard quality to master for many. And so is trying to 'understand' things. I think I've done rather well in that department.

11. I don't think tolerance is the same thing as patience. Having a low tolerance level and lots of patience is a weird combination and a tough act to follow.

12. I have always wished I was more into cooking than am I.

13. Thanks to Paula Dean the one cooking goal I now have is to cook a 'Turducken. A dish consisting of a partially de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small de-boned chicken... and of course there is a layer of scrumptious stuffing between each layer of meat!  

14. I wish I wasn't such a night owl.That I could fall asleep everynite at 10:30 & sleep 8hrs straight thru.

15. I beleive there is a God. I beleive in God. I trust in God. I love God. I also have my moments with God and have been known to get in a fight with him. I'm told he has broad shoulders and can take it. But I still have never been able to forgive God for letting little kids get hurt... something I'll have to work on I guess.   And since I wrote all this as it came to me in the order it came to me...I really should work on moving this one higher up on my list.

16. I have a wonderful husband whom I love deeply and admire! Even if he's a stubborn cuss that is a challenge to keep up with. hmmm, I just realized that going by the numerical order of things that maybe I shouldn't love Mt. Dew more than my husband! lol

17. Right now we get to enjoy fresh eggs daily as we have a couple backyard chickens!

18. I just discovered this year that I love pickled beets!

19. The Waltons is my all-time favorite tv show that I grew up watching. I also think 7th Heaven is a cool show.... stereotypical I know, but what can I say LOL!  That's my sweeter side. But I also really enjoy watching forensic crime scene shows like CSI, Crossing Jordan, Blue Bloods and such. I like that Numb3rs show alot too. Too bad they don't teach math like that in school. We'd all be alot better off if it were.

20. I don't like 'bullying' or being mean to people. I beleive it takes a village to raise a child... meaning if your messing up I'm gonna tell you about and I expect the same in return. And I believe tenderness is something people need more of. And people need to desperately give more of.  Tenderness is not weakness, nor is it silly or wasteful. It's actually one of the most important virtues a person could learn to master.

21. I have had my share of looking back and realizing... "what was I thinking?!" and I'm sure we all are glad we survived our brain dead days, and survived those of our kids.. now I just pray that all our grandkids can learn from our stupidities first.

22. I have learned that there is a fine line between tolerance, fairness, and being judgemental.... and
most often times we all look like drunks doing a DUI walk test.

23. I have learned that I can change myself in any way I wish – you can too. I can build any character trait I like into my consciousness. Basically we all have thought ourselves into being a certain way, but you can always change your mind. There is no permanent ‘you’ that you must settle for, you can be any type of person you wish... you know the old saying... fake it til you
make it!  Next important thing is to actually remember I have this ability. Especially on days that I feel like giving up or have had enough.

24. I have always tried to be governed by the commandment Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father....
but it blows me away that God forgot the clause Honor Thy Child.

25. Last but not least...Stress stunts growth . I had no idea how thoughts lead to emotions and
emotions trigger biochemical changes in the body. Being stressed out will hamper your body's
building goals so for God’s sake chill out.

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