Friday, October 1, 2010

Dobro dosao! Found my lost family in Croatia!!

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Am so excited!  Great discoveries going on with finding lost relatives of my grandfather Anton's family -- the descendants of his father Adam Varoščić from Dragovci, Croatia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been happily crying and overcome in stunning dreamy realizations!!!   We are sharing that it's really happening, that we are really cousins and we know where and who our relatives are!!  More news to come as I catch my breath!   Many wonderful hugs and cheers to Otilia Varoščić and so many more to name who are currently corresponding back and forth with me!

  I have installed two language translators on this website to make it more user friendly for new visitors.

1st - at the top you can see all the flags of country language translations available. Just find your country flag and click on it and this page will become in your native language that you desire!

2nd - to the right top corner section is a different translator link that people can use if they desire that format.

Both types are new to me, so I am learning right along as I go.

To my sock-a-month pals needless to say my September socks came so close to being done but I didn't quite make it. Have just the toe left to finish so I will report those for Octobers draw!

Also, Tonight is our town's Football Homecoming Game!

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