Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm stuck on the directions for the heel of my September Sock... Help!

First I'd like to God Bless the families in San Bruno, Calif. where there was a huge gas explosion that demolished and leveled their neighborhood and most likely several people have died. oh those poor people, my heart goes out to them.   Somebody in B.I.G trouble at that gas company for lack of follow-up  and poor residential communication.  3 weeks of lingering gas smell is a LONG time and for company to show up only once during is very bad.

Back in the late 90's our town's gas plant had a huge gas explosion in the middle of the night except it was two miles out in the country from our town. We were extremely lucky that our fireman were able to cap it off before our whole town exploded.

ok, I need some help here.  Below photo shows the part of the directions I find a bit confusing.  Am I correct in interpreting that these directions instruct one to FIRST do the next four rounds of both the heel & the instep on their perspective needles as in same manner as one would do a leg, (the stitch pattern is nearly same as leg patter except for the minor changes in stitch combinations).  ??  ... THAN, do the heel flap ... than turn heel.... than do the gusset pick-up  between these two sections ???

I guess I'm just not used to those four rounds being included under the heel category of sock patterns. They really feel like they belong to part of the leg instructions instead.   

The next paragraph shows three rounds that DO seem like the heel flap, even tho it's not labeled "heel flap".  Guess I'm just used to very literal directions. Hope I've got this figured correctly.  If so, than this was a nice exercise in broadening my horizons!

I tried to contact the pattern author at the website but am not able to find an email link.     So If anyone out there wouldn't mind giving me their two cents on this question I'd be most grateful !

Shur'tugal heel directions

Shur'tugal gusset instructions

Close-up of heel - gusset - instep for Shur'tugal sock

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