Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Oven Hot August Day! & Perseid short socks

Hello Fellow Knitters on this Oven Hot August Day! Heat Index for my county 111 degrees.
DON"T FORGET to watch the NITESKY for thPerseid meteor shower.. for a spectacular shooting star-fest between Wednesday 10 pm thru Friday early early morning 3 am.

Yup! I had to finish up my Patons Stretchy Yarn - I think this is their plum color-way.
So far this is the best fitting socks that I have made for her with room to grow and wear for a few months!  Notice how the green stipes resembles a shooting star streaking across her foot? So I will call these her Perseid short socks!

Needle size: Addi Turbo's size 2; YEAH Go Addi Turbos!
My gauge: 8 sts & 12 rows = 1 inch
For age 5 yrs old. Shoe size: 13
Cast on 56 stitches; heel flap 4 repeats of Eye of Partridge; turned heel = 14 sts remaining; Gusset sts = 16 picked up each side; 66 rows before toe decrease (counting the 14 turned heel rows) ; total rows from heel to bind off = 80 rows.

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