Monday, January 4, 2010

youtube: Estonian cast on for sock knitting

Knitting Daily TV Episode 212: author and knitwear designer Nancy Bush demonstrates a stretchy Estonian cast on for sock knitting that has many benefits, including an attractive cuff.

It looks right easy. I'm going to try this today. So far I only know how to cast-on one way. Not sure of the name of how I do it... but I think it's the continental way. And I was only able to learn how to do that in hugh THANKS to my sister-in-law Vickie! If it never weren't for her I'd of never gotten the hang of learning how to cast-on!  I had spent days looking at books and pictures of how to do it. Kept practicing and practicing... but I'll tell there's nothing like hands-on learning for me.  And now I've recently discovered youtube videos! I mean I always knew youtube existed. Before I had just only seen what the kids and teenagers were always checking out which is mostly just funny and or stupid funny things to watch. Never had I before realized that a person can actually use youtube to learn something. Awesome ; )

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