Monday, January 4, 2010

I also really like this afghan! Crocheted Hexagons.

If you ever get bored tired of making the regular old granny square afghans here's a cool way to switch it up a notch.  I like the randomness of how the blocks are nestled together.. just like grandmother's flower garden ; ) That is a very time-honored classic quilt pattern as most know.

Lucy of attic24 in this link...

generously shares an excellent 'how to' tutorial with lots and lots of  big and clear pictures.

Also I learned from visiting Lucy's webpage a new way of joining the blocks together as you go. Leastways, it's new to me. LOL. She learned it from this other gal whose webpage is where the link is located.
So if you don't like the idea of having a hundred or so blocks waiting for you at the end to have an 'all join together' marathon session try moonstitches method of 'block meet' it's a great way to crochet and join as you go. And this joining method really gives an invisible join appearance I think.

Five years ago I crocheted my 1st. ever afghan for our grand-daughter. It turned out really wonderful. [now that I have a cell phone that takes pictures I'll have to pop oer' to their house and snap a photo of it to share with you]Traditional granny squares of Bernats soft pastels was my choice. 100 blocks was the size of her afghan. When I made that I kept thinking of when she gets into kindergarten and they have the show n' tell... and at our schools they also celebrate '100 day' or something like that it's called.  Not sure why I kept thinking of that as I worked on it, might of had something to do with fact that I did my own show n' tell evertime someone came to the house. But those 100 blocks really did make a nice sized afghan. Now here it is.. 5 years later.. and I find myself ready to make our grandson his afghan so these crocheted hexagon's will just fit the bill.

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