Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doctors. hmmph! Sometimes I swear.

My lil gr-daughter had surgery last week. Tonsils/Adenoids.  FINALLY!  stupid doctors. They never listen. Them doctors been diddle dickin around for last six years, which is her entire life. "oh, it's just allergies". Trying this pill and that pill. She's been on prescrip allergy pills FOREVER, even as an infant.  Well, the surgeon came out and told us that her adenoids/tonsils were soooooo hugh that they physically were blocking over 50% of her airway. Said they should of came out a long time ago. Couldn't believe they waiting so long to refer her. I am mad. 

My poor lil baby.  No wonder she always seem about to die every-time she was sick. I kept telling em'.  Somethings not right.  I told them she never could breathe through her nose while chewing food. Always had to chew with her mouth open. And lordy, try to stick a thermometer in her mouth she'd suffocate!   You know them doc's should really learn to listen to a mother's instinct (ok well grandmother's instinct in this case).  Sometimes they should really stick their degrees up their whazoo.  btw, did i tell that i am mad!  Mess with my baby like that.

Guess what?  yup, already she can breathe through her nose when she sleeps now. I'm a happy camper for her now.

And she hasn't snored all week. First time ever for her to sleep all night long without waking up.  Can you imagine? That's like six years of sleep deprivation.  

ok, almost forgot to tell...for my sock-a-month club I did a quick lil pair of baby sockies while gr-daugther had her surgery and re-cooping.

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  1. I am so sorry! We're dealing with a similar thing ourselves right now. Mimi wakes up anywhere between 2-6 times a night. But because she is 18 months old, there's nothing anyone wants to do but wait. Fortunately, I've talked to a lot of other parents who have been through the same thing with their own at 18 months and it sounds normal. But I did tell Bo that if this is still happening when she's two, we're doing something about it. Not getting a full night's sleep is terrible for emotional and mental development.

    Luckily, kids are such great healers and your little sweet one will be just fine now. I am sooo happy the surgery was a success!