Saturday, November 13, 2010

Make your own fitted Bedsheets ! ;)

In my house I always have more flat sheets than fitted bottom sheets. Using a print and a solid you can put together some great sets and its an easy project.   

Note: Not all sheets are created equally! Read more about bed sheets at Before You Buy Bed Sheets Also Mattress sizes can vary! Always check the mattress measurements before cutting your fabrics or flat sheets.

Step 1 - Measuring the Mattress.  First measure sides & width. Than the ends & lenght of the bed.
Add 4" to 6" to each measurement to allow for tuck under the mattress. 

I like a-lot of tuck under, but if your fabric isn't wide enough that's ok, you can go with a scant amount to tuck under, but keep it even on all edges.

If you are using 45" wide fabric, you will need to join the lengths of fabric to have fabric wide enough to use.  Do the join seams to each side of the fabric to avoid someone having to sleep on the seams.

Remove any hems from an existing flat sheet if necessary.  Lay the sheet evenly ontop the mattress, right sides down.  Pin a dart in place at each corner to bring the sheet into fit. 
 (If the bed is not available start at the center of each side and mark the ends of each side. Bring the marks together at each corner and pin a dart in place. This is the depth of the mattress and the amount you allow for tucking under the mattress.) 


Sew the dart in place by running a straight seam all way down along the pins. Cut off excess leaving 1/2" seam and than zigzag the raw edges. Than hem along the side edges with a 1/4" hem.

Cut 4 - 10" lenghts pieces of 1/4" wide elastic or wider.

Center each piece of elastic along the bottom of each dart on the WRONG side of the sheet.

Use a zigzag stitch to sew elastic down and remember to STRETCH elastic as far as it will go while you sew.
Repeat all four corners.


(adapted from courtesy of Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

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