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bad blogger me! Where have I been these last 6 months?

bad blogger me! Where have I been these last 6 months? No where really. Just hanging around home, watching my granbabies grow and still trying to re-cooperate. In February I crocheted a spider-man round ripple afghan for grandson and entered it in the July fair exhibits. Out of ten other entries I placed fourth! If feels good to place ;) Soon as I figure out how to get the photo off my cell phone and onto this 'puter ya'll can see it.  .... cool, see I finally did it!
Spiderman (Round Ripple) Afghan
My granson just loves it!  [Click on the photo caption to transport to the site where I learned the pattern from] I did tweak the length and number of pattern rows a bit to suit my tastes in appearance. The photo makes the blue yarn look rather more purple but it is a true blue the skein label states.

All three colors: Red, Blue and Black are a Turkish yarn of 100% Acrylic that is made for & can only be found at Hobby Lobby. Is called "I Love This Yarn" - rightly so!  My afghan took 4 red, 4 blue & only some of 1 black.It pretty much covers a twin bed as best a round blanket can. With taxes I did spend $29 total for the yarn.  Usually I'm not a fan of Acrylic yarn, but you have GOT to try this one! It is truly has a soft hand for acrylic yarn that I have ever touched.  7 ounces skeins (198 grams) = anywhere from $1.99 to $2.49 depending on your stores sale prices vs. regular.      

hmm, lets see... what else... March came in beautifully and so did the months of April and May! These were the only three months that I have really been outdoors a-lot. Considering I haven't been able to do much these last seven years due to mobility issues and several life issues I sure was enjoying playing out in our yard trying to catch up on my poor neglected flower beds and yard work. I also managed to sneak junk from the garage out to the garbage cans every wed. for a few weeks. Hugh improvement in regaining space! It's really quite funny. Never before had I realized how much work I did around here until I got sick and all the small things that annoy me all started to pile up.

DJ siggy quilt

Yes, Yes, I am a janiac! This spring 2010 I also finally finished hand-quilting my dj siggy quilt! Turned out terrific!

Oh how I yearn to get back to working on my
dj blocks . I call it my "Freedom Jane" quilt and that's I how in my mind I want it to look like. But alas it's sat idle for a long long time these last couple of year as I haven't found a way to run my sewing machine from a prone positin! lol. If you like this quilt pattern come join us oer' at dearjane.com

my sewing room

After the 2010 new year I managed to completely clean out and re-organize my sewing room, but even that hasn't kept my focus back on track. It's been nine months now since mum passed away last year and I am starting to just now spend more and more time in my sewing room. Below are 2 pics of mum's funeral. I couldn't put a pic of mum (herself) up as it's too painful when I see her face.   If it weren't for both my daughters and niece this past few years I have no clue what I would have done.  And to my youngest daughter. Kenny Rogers sang it best!  You have been my rock taking on what I could not.

I was and am not very good at having "Emily Post" manners. Never have been, prolly never will. But I do want to give a very special thanks to my sister-in-law from the Carolina's. [link goes to her online store dressygirls.com She makes dresses for pageants/party's/communions.   I really really did appreciate your presence, help and kindness!

mum's funeral Oct 4, 2009
My brother's and husband (he's in middle)

June and July have been really really pretty this year! But my body and the heat are not friends at all. I guess it is the neurological maladies that became a part of my life forever now that have caused this enemy friction. Since the heat came on I have been sleeping many long naps every day, like three to four hour naps. At nite when it is cooler is when my body seems to try and function better.  Also my eyes and the brightness of the sun are not friends either. Sunglasses have become a more constant part of my wardrobe. Big Hollywood looking sunglasses. Actually there not that bad. Daughter picked them out for. Quite fashionable. Have initials DB monogrammed on ear pieces. Dolce and Gabbana I think. I like them cause they fit over my regular prescription glasses and I can bumped them up on my forehead when I need to. I can even knit, do the 'puter, pull weeds and read with them on. But as I have never been a constant wearer of sunglasses my whole life like some others- it does get tiresome wearing them all the time when I'm trying to do stuff, especially when my brain starts to go into melt-down from over-exertion & the heat and beads of perspire drip drip drip off my face and into my sunglasses. There have been many days that I have just opted to stay indoors because it is too bright outside.  I yearn to be outdoors the eye pain and headaches and fatigue are not worth it.
 Tho it's been a long seven years, I do not give up easily on things. I have spent many a day and evening relearning how to walk with pain and mobility issues. I'm sure it's been quite funny-looking entertainment for people to watch as I refused to give up going for my beloved walks that I have always enjoyed my entire life. I used to be extremely active, since I was a small child. Always outdoors. Always doing something, whether it be bike riding, hiking, fishing, dog-walking, camping, yard-work, gardening... you name it I was doing it. Reason I know it's been funny entertainment for others as they have been brave enough to tell me. Back in 2005 one family member told me they wouldn't be caught dead outside trying to walk like that! ha! Thanks for the support there and making someone feel good. oh well. I just chalk it off to me being a strong person. I guess that's why I have survived. This early part of this year so far is the most agile I have been in a long time. I hope it doesn't disappear.

2 socks @ at a time on circular needles
Anywho, currently [July 2010], I am knitting some socks. They will be either for my youngest daughter or I might just keep them. Haven't yet decided. I'm also newly joining SAM 10, a sock month club!

CQ tooth fairy pillow still a "WIP" as of Aug 2010

Also have in the works a crazy quilt tooth fairy pillow that is for our granddaughter. This fall should see her first tooth fall out as she starts kindergarten. This cq pillow is my first ever attempt at crazy quilting. I have always admired that type of needlework but was always to intimidated to try it. Here is one site that gave me lot's of courage and motivation to just finally jump right in and bit the bullet and start this lil project. It's almost done. I'm hoping to get it completed by early fall of this year 2010. The center has a photo of a what I think a tooth fairy looks like. I printed it off my 'puter onto fabric using bubble jet set chemical for preparing the fabric. It's really a great product to use when you want to print on fabric.

Husband's Fireman Quilt
Two years ago I finished my husbands Fireman quilt with oer' a hundred photos on it.  This was the quilt that I first learned how to used "Bubble Jet Set" on.  [No affliation with products...yadda yadda yadda. Any mention of any products on this website is purely from my own pleasure and experience.]

Well, it's been a long ramble. Seeing as how 1:30 am started my day with jolt waking dreams again and now daylight is breaking, it's time to go make my favorite breakfast. Oatmeal with fresh blueberries. Than I can settle down with the socks that I frogged yesterday. Didn't like the heel turn. It was too puckery and anklet cuff rode to far below my ankle. I'm using Paton's stretchy sock yard in a plum, orange & green variation. So in the mean time until later.... Toodles ~ Nelsonjane ;)
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